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(rough idea of how it looks on the inside, just alter it with some more rustic elements to it)

Located in the southwestern corner of Merchant's Square, just a few blocks away from the Residential District, it's situated at the corner of a not-so-bustling street with a park nearby. The building complex its part of has other stores and small grocers, giving it an ideal location to attract customers, but not too busy to get drowned out by the central city life. In terms of design, there's a lot less steampunk and a lot more Elympion touch going on here, giving it a more "modern" look. But the lighting, the floral decorations, earth tones, and hardwood tables adds a bit of a rustic touch to it. And yes those trees are there. They kind of came with the place (and probably how Alvin originally managed to get a decent deal on it).

Early lunch through dinner (11am - 8pm); open Prote through Pempte (Monday through Friday)

Maximum Seating Capacity: 80
60 seats inside
20 seats outside

Table Arrangements:
6 4-person inside tables
4 4-person booths
8 2-person tables (half booth/half table)
8 seats at the bar
3 4-person outside tables
4 2-person outside tables


Manager - Ignis Scientia
Head Chef - Cilan

General/Serving Staff
Li Shengshun (Hei)
Serah Farron
Pyrrha Nikos
Jane Doe
Hajime Hinata (part-time)
Emizel (deliveries)

Kitchen Staff
Li Shengshun (Hei)
Shinjiro Aragaki
Emil Castagnier
Hajime Hinata (part-time)
Yu Narukami (part-time)

Pyrrha Nikos (part-time, in training)

Noel Kreiss (supplier)
Edna (resident ghost)

Founders (Departed)
Milla Maxwell (Fractured)


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